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New and recovered old blogs (some with approximate dates).


The King's English
books bookstore drag Salt Lake City
It's Crowdin, not Crowdout
programming crowdin localization
Paging with TootSDK
app software social Swift Fedicat fediverse Mastodon
Sundance Books and Music
travel bookstore Reno
The Tree of Utah
art streetart highwayart Utah
Oh Mai Street Art
food travel restaurant streetart
The ACLU Lack of Privacy Statement
politics privacy
scam finance apartment
One More Noodle House
food travel restaurant noodles Ali Wong
Sugar House
social books travel bookstore tea boxing
Blended Ratings
social apartments ratings LinkedIn Yelp
Talk Dim Sum on the Web
app Scheme Lisp Talk Dim Sum
Birds and LLamas
travel Utah Hindu
My Liberation Notes
TV kdrama
climate change Vegas Death Valley
Techless Vegas
tech Las Vegas
Central Book Exchange
books booktore
Dim Sum Books
review books Chinese food
Burros in Beatty
travel casino burro Beatty Nevada
The Clown Motel
travel Tonopah art clown Nevada