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Fugu Games are Back on the App Store

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Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

My first reaction at seeing Apple’s new bottom-of-the-barrel pricing options pricing options starting at $.29 (with increments of $.10 on up) is you’ve got to be kidding, what’s the point of pricing anything that cheap, but then I decided might as well republish some of my old Fugu Games.

I’m not maintaing them anymore, some of them don’t run as well on the newer devices (which is kind of weird, you’d expect performance to increase at least, but 3D graphics is fragile). I let them free on the App Store for a while but then you get a bunch of crappy entitled reviews from people who act like they paid for it.

So for the arbitrarily low price of $.29 I can make them available and still filter out the random downloaders, and maybe make a quarter here and there (after Apple takes their cut).

That doesn’t solve the other reason I unpublished these games previously, which is that Apple doesn’t provide any control over the order apps are displayed in the App Store (nice feature in and on an iPhone only the first three apps are immediately visible without (the non-obvious) horizontal scrolling. So I’ve already reunpublished one Fugu Games game just to get HyperBowl slide up back into the top three.