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Hearts Alive

Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

Las Vegas has improved in many ways since I moved here six years ago, coffee shop-wise, bookstore-wise, Asian food-wise, and cat cafe-wise. Back then, I was going through cat cafe withdrawal having moved from San Diego where I visited the San Diego Cat Cafe twice a week. But then PAL NV opened a cafe in the north part of Las Vegas, and more recently and convenient to central Las Vegas is the Hearts Alive Village Cate Cafe.

In contrast to the other cat cafes I’ve visited, the Las Vegas cafes are not real cafes, they’re more like office lounges that offer some snacks and drinks while you hang out with the cats. Which makes sense considering they’re both extensions of existing cat shelters and adoption facilities.

And that’s fine with me, I’m there for the cats (and the wifi - cat cafes make great coworking spaces). Here are a few pics from my latest visit to Hearts Alive.