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Hearts Alive

I needed to make some big uploads that my phone hotspot connection can’t handle, so that was enough reason to go get my fix at the Hearts Alive Cat Cafe which not only has wifi but some nice cubicles (there was a time I would have said there’s no such thing, but that was before the current “open offices” where everyone except management sits at a shared table and avoid eye contact).

And once I got all those uploads going (mostly big github commits), time to play with the cats. There was a friendly bunch today. Even smoky, the resident grump, was open to some petting.

Tiny, a three-month old kitten, really wanted attention.

And just when I thought it was time to go, this one came out of hiding and spent half an hour on my lap.

I’m a proponent of remote work, but if you have to go into an office, coworking with cats is the way to go.