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Blondes Have More Funding

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Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

This being AAPI month, I think it’s a particularly good time to complain about how the media, and in this case my go-to new site NPR, focuses on white people (which is a bit disappointing since I know there are several accomplished Asian-American journalists on their staff, one of the benefits of it being radio).

Exhibit 1 is their placement of the British crowning ceremony as their top headline. When did they become the BBC? Anglophile is not a good look, especially with other news going on (a few hundred people drowned from a flood in the Congo, but you had to scroll waaaay down for that).

And then, Exhibit 2, there’s Elizabeth Holmes who continues to get top billing (during her trial she consistently outranked Britney Griner who was actually in unjustly prison, a Russian prison). But you know, the media is a sucker for young attractive white woman in distress, and tech entrepreneur? That’s how she got all that money in the first place.