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New and recovered old blogs (some with approximate dates).


It’s Not Racism, It’s “Racial Resentment”, or…Beware the Angry Christian
racism Asian
No Indemnity
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My First CES
travel Las Vegas
Chinatown in Vegas
travel Las Vegas
Spam Kings
review books
Slay the Dragon!
review books game writing
Sci-Fi Stereotypes
racism scifi
Lisp Led Me to Texas, Outer Space, and Game Development
career software Lisp
Conversations with Creators (not Creatives)
film/tv scifi


Two-and-a-Half App Stores
app Apple
Dang, Yang
politics racism Asian
At Least the Great Firewall Is Not a Prison Wall
politics China
The Scoobies’ Journey
Buffy Fans Apply Here
Winners Dream
review books memoir
Haunted Empire
review books Apple
Creativity, Inc.
review books film/tv management graphics
Console Wars
review books game Sega Nintendo


Writing iBooks Is A Tough Business
books design Apple writing
It’s not Geosocial, it’s Geo or Social