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New and recovered old blogs (some with approximate dates).


Demo Day
software Las Vegas
Amazon, I Can’t Quit You, Entirely
app Amazon
Dr. Who Cares
film/tv scifi
In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream…If You’re Chinese
review film/tv racism whedonverse Asian
This is America. Speak Klingon.
racism scifi
Duplicates Are Your Friends
management software
Living Las Vegas
travel Las Vegas
Apple Reviewspeak
app Apple
Dumb Questions
racism Asian
My Social Profile
social Medium
review film/tv
And the Oscar Goes To…
May You Live In Interesting Times
racism Asian
Jacky Rosen Just Lost a Voter
politics Obamacare
Friends of Trump
politics Trump Patriots
Back to the Mac App Store
app Apple
Just Close Your Eyes
racism Asian
Winning Arguments
review books
Where are you on the Racist-O-Meter?
Rethinking Narcissism
review books