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The ACLU Lack of Privacy Statement

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Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

I don’t agree with every single position the ACLU takes but I feel they do good and important work, so I sent them a small donation a while back, only to have them spend all of it on postage requesting more donations.

But I got a bunch of junk mail from other organizations too, so they still made money by selling my information, notwithstanding their scolding of corporations for opt-out sharing of consumer data.

I know this because I read their lengthy privacy statement which talks about how they diligently protect your data, and by protect they mean give/sell/exchange it way. A couple of snippets from the weaselese:

When we participate in data cooperatives, we may share your personal information, including contact and interaction information — for example, donation history — with data cooperative vendors

To grow our base of donors, ACLU may share your contact information with other nonpartisan organizations, either on a rental basis (i.e., for a monetary fee) and/or in exchange for a similar supporter list

But no problem, if you want to opt out, you can fill out a form!