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Friends of Trump

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Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

I’ve been a New England Patriots fan since the Parcells era, rooting for them every year, against everyone. And scandals like Deflategate didn’t bother me, because 1) I didn’t feel like the NFL presented a convincing case, and 2) it’s just sports. Who cares.

But this will be the first year I’m rooting for the other team (the Atlanta Falcons, in case you don’t follow football or are on another planet). It’s because of Trump. The Patriots don’t just have Friends of Trump, they have Friends of Trump in High Places — the quarterback, coach and owner.

Generally, I won’t criticize anyone on their choice of friends. Your friends are your friends, and you’re loyal to your friends. This quote at the end of the movie Devil in a Blue Dress (I can’t remember if it’s in the book) always struck a chord with me:

Easy Rawlins: If you got a friend that you know does bad things, I mean real bad things, and you still keep him as a friend even though you know what he’s like, do you think that’s wrong?

Degan Odell: All you got is your friends.

I understand you don’t like to diss your friends in front of others (at least other non-friends, and especially not in front of your friend’s enemies). In the same way, I can understand how Peter Thiel’s ultra rich Silicon Valley friends try to make excuses for him (although perhaps being a rich and powerful friend alters the equation).

But I don’t think any of my friends should be President, even the ones who share all my political beliefs (sorry, everyone). And the Patriots Friends of Trump have shown support for Trump for President (though probably not intentionally publicly) without distancing themselves from any of his statements or views. If they’d just do that…no, never mind. That was last week. Go Falcons.