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Logan's Run for Something

Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

It’s nice they’re funding progressive campaigns, but my first impression of Run for Something some years ago was that it oozed Bay Area tech millennial self-adulation, going on and on about supporting young, diverse (excluding the not young), and progressive (as long as you’re young) candidates. They had some fine print specifying an age limit (I think it was 35) and a weak rationale that they wanted to invest in candidates who will be there for the next thirty years (they don’t want current old politicians, just future old ones?)

Now it’s worse. Their current website looks like a campaign against old people, caricatured enough to be amusing if they didn’t target Democratic leadership like a bunch of Trumpers, indistinguishable from the Fox News refrains about Biden and Pelosi being old and senile. It’s disrespectul and shows you progressivism is not their top priority.

The previous age stipulation is gone (which makes sense since older millennials are now over forty now, wake up and smell the jello, you’re not the fresh new thing, anymore), replaced by required membership in the millennial and gen-z clubs (have to include them, you can’t exclude old and actually young people). Which is stupid, buying into the marketing (“You’ve come a long way, baby”), but that’s always been their real mission statement. It isn’t really about age, it’s generational tribalism.

So if you run, go ahead and take their money, but they’re just another set of narcissistic Silicon Valley political funders with some disgusting attitudes.