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Bunch of Yahoos

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Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

Now that I’ve been off twitter for a while (well before it’s current spiral into madness), Yahoo is my go-to cesspool of racist commentary. For example, a recent Yahoo “news” story recounting Ali Wong’s complaints about white people turning up their noses at dim sum (yes, it is obnoxious to tell your Chinese-American or Chinese- Canadian friends that Chinese food is disgusting, especially when you’re actually at the restaurant), engendered these puerile jokes from the Internet think tank.

And that’s just a sample, although “Commenting on this article has ended”, so I guess they hit their quota of racist posts. I saw one one other reply was deleted for violating Yahoo’s “content policy”, which makes me wonder what you have to say to get deleted.

And it’s not just the comments. I had to contact The Guardian to get their MMA sportswriter to stop calling a Chinese fighter “the Chinaman” in his Yahoo stories.

What a bunch of yahoos.