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How Did I Get Here?

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Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

My first post on a new blogging platform is typically, how did I find this thing and should I continue writing on it?

Well, the answer to first question is I found hashnode on the Flutter community page, and it so happens I currently don’t have a blogging platform, as I deleted my Medium account (it’s a great online word processor bundled in a social media network with all the problems of a social media network).

The answer to the second is in progress. As I write this, it doesn’t feel as seamless and pretty as typing on Medium, but it’s alright, and I can get used to writing in Markdown. I ended up copying all my Medium posts into a markup format ( asciidoc, but now I’m thinking I should have stuck with markdown) on github, anyway.

Another thing I check out immediately on a new platform is the Terms of Service, especially the Indemnity section. The one here is not the worst I’ve seen (that would be Yelp), but not the best, either.

It’s a three-parter, and the first part is OK, tying indemnification to poor behavior on your part, the second is so-so, putting the onus of any copyright infringement claim upon you, but the third part has that broad “any activity related to your use” that would seem to include just about anything, with a side order of “any other person accessing your device with or without your consent” which I assume includes someone stealing your phone or my cat pawing emojis on my keyboard.

So it’s not a slam dunk. But it does feel good to blog again.