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Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

I’m starting to get into the groove with Mastodon, so this week I deleted my Hive app (but not the account, as I didn’t see an account deletion option, so there may be fifty or so followers wondering why I’m not posting cat and food photos).

On Mastodon, I just have about a dozen followers, a far cry from my heyday of fifteen hundred followers on twitter (plus a bunch of lists), but that’s ancient history, as I left twitter (and deleted my account) two years ago (and the Facebook family of democracy destroying apps even further back).

I have just myself to blame for the slow start as I went against the Mastodon recommendation to start by joining an existing instance and instead began by setting up my own single-user instance, which is like moving to a deserted island and wondering where is everyone (I used to joke that I wanted to set up an asocial network, and this is it).

But I’m on Mastodon largely because I want to get to know how Mastodon (and the greater Fediverse) works, and you can still find users of interest by browsing other instances, just there’s a lot copy and paste involved. There’s still a lack of documentation and a hobbyist feel to it, but that’s part of the fun. Now I’m thinking of making my own Mastodon app. Stay tuned.