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Moving Mastodon

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Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

Running my own Mastodon instance has reaffirmed that I’m not a server side engineer. It took me several reinstallations to get it running (including one after an overly aggressive upgrade), and even after that I had frequent SSL connection problems.

And then there’s the maintenance, tracking all the linux security warnings, memory and disk usage, and watching the constant hacking attempts with consternation.

Finally, I ran out of disk space (maybe from all those security patches), and rather than upgrade my server to a more expensive configuration, I decided to move to one of the big community instances, (George Takei is there).

Admittedly, this is the reverse of the recommended progression, start off on a big server so you can learn the ropes and find people before moving on, but maybe this is better: I got the running-your-own-instance impulse out of my system, and now I can just socialize.