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Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

I was getting bored reading my own social media profile blurbs, which were basically product listings like this:

Self-publishing Fugu Games and HyperBowl. Author of Learn Unity 4 for iOS Game Development and Technicat on Software.

That’s pretty common, but I can’t tell that it actually results in any sales, the text doesn’t really flow that well, and we’re up to Unity 5.5 already.

So I changed them from what I’ve made to what I do (or what I want people to think I do):

Writing, tweeting, blogging, coding, publishing apps and games.

Maybe that’s too vague, but it’s easier on the eyes, and I’m going to rely on viewers to click on my company link (which every social media profile seems to provide except Medium) if they really want to see my products and services.

There are other ways to go. For example, the superlative terms of professional stardom like “visionary”, “expert”, and “czar”. But I think anything resembling Wile E. Coyote’s business card should be avoided.

I also don’t want my profile to look like it’s for an online dating service. Sometimes I see an age (always young). But otherwise, almost always “millennial”, which just reminds me of the millennials-seeking-millennials meetups I saw listed in San Diego. It’s possible I’ve seen a boomer or two, but never anyone advertising themselves as Generation X. Actually, I don’t remember much Gen X self-designations since the Coupland novel. Maybe it wasn’t a good novel (I don’t know, I just read the first chapter in Wired magaqzine). Then again, Gen Y didn’t catch on, either. I do have hopes for Gen Z if we can turn them into zombies.

And then there’s religion. But almost always Christian. I might have seen a few Muslims, but in this day and age, why invite government data mining?

The Christian stuff is often paired with family. Proud husband and father and so forth. Although I think I see more mention of the parental and less of the spousal, so it still works as a dating profile. I’m not knocking bragging about your kids. When I had cats, I inflicted plenty of cat pics on social media. Alas, now I just have a Japanese toy plush cat, so my revealing personal bio would simply read:

Gen X atheist. Proud owner of a fake cat.

Actually, that’s not bad.