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Vesta Coffee

Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

It’s been just a few days since I abandoned twitter (I spent ten years getting into social media and the next ten years trying to get out). Sure, I miss the cool community, news and discussions that you can’t get by watching TV, but what I really miss is inflicting my daily coffee and food photos on a bunch of people I’ve never met.

So, dear Medium readers, you can now look forward to more of the following, starting with this morning’s pre-scorching-heat trek to Vesta Coffee Roasters, one of my regular spots as they set up a couple of tables on the sidewalk (Las Vegas’s version of the sidewalk cafe).

Like much of this city’s impromptu outdoor dining, it lacks shade unless a tall SUV parks next to you. But at least there’s more than six feet between the two tables, which was a good thing today, as the other table was occupied by someone having a long loud phone conversation in my direction. Alas, the days of my sitting outside and alone seem to be coming to an end, as others seem to be catching on to outdoor seating.

I spent all week planning this expedition as a reward for staying in and trying my hand at amateur cold brews. Also, their egg salad sandwich might be their only menu item I haven’t tried (I’m generally leery of externally produced egg salad, perhaps dating to yesteryears of saran-wrapped sandwiches)

It was good, but I guess I’m out of practice, forgot to save some chips to scoop up the egg salad spillage at the end. If you go, I recommend my favorite items, the basic avocado toast (go for the optional poached egg on top!) and the Hawaiian benedict breakfast sandwich.