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Grateful for Kdrama

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Phil Chu
Phil Chu
Making software since the 80s

Just posted this on a “What are you grateful to k-dramas for?” thread on Dramabeans

I’m grateful k-drama was there via Hulu and Dramafever (RIP) when I stopped paying for cable to save money.

I’m grateful k-drama showed me something of Korean culture (of which I knew nothing) and more East Asian culture (I’m Chinese by way of Iowa).

I’m grateful k-drama gave me some momentum in learning languages (childhood Chinese Sunday school lessons were a failure, but an Asian language with an alphabet where you don’t have to learn nine different tones? Sold!)

I’m grateful I can spend the evening watching not 99% Caucasian TV (sometimes I play a game while watching a show that I call Spot the Asian).

I’m grateful to k-drama for expanding my palate, starting with a search for omurice in SoCal Garden Grove Koreatown, and this year my favorite discovery is Korean street toast (Gilgeori toast).