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Technicat on Software

A collection of software essays.

The Book
books software
Reviews on Blogs
books software
Reviews on Amazon
books review software
I Miss Lisp
books software Lisp
Get a Job
books career software UI
The Art of the Interview
books career software interview
QA for Everyone
books management software QA
Minimizing Meetings
books management software meeting
Driving Lessons
books management software
Agile Isn't
books management software agile
Work Hard, Play Hard
books game management software
What I Learned@MIT
books management software startup
The Art of the Schedule
books management software schedule
So You Want to Make a Game
books game software gamedev
It’s the User Interface, Stupid
books design software UI
Taking a Whirl Tour on the GameCube
books game software GameCube gamedev postmortem
Startup Without Falling Down
books management software startup
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers
books programming software
HyperBowl on the Small Screen
books game software Unity postmortem HyperBowl
Have Contract, Will Travel
books career software